Friday, May 1, 2009

Two steps forward

Today we took “two steps forward.” Ava was taken off of the ventilator and extubated. Hoorah!!!

Today is a day to celebrate. We have many days ahead of us that will be difficult, but today we should be happy that we have met this very important milestone. Your prayers have been very key to Ava’s recovery and in giving Manny and Traci strength to endure this hardship. Tonight we give thanks.

The work is not done and tonight is still important. If she does well through the night and does not have any breathing difficulties, then it is very unlikely that she will need it again. Even Manny acknowledged that if things go well tonight that he will feel more at ease. I am praying for that for all of them.

Today we took “two steps forward,” and we are thankful. Tomorrow we start again.


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