Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sign of Hope

Over the past few months a transformation has been taking place……the transformation of our side yard where the accident happened on the evening of April 23rd. There have been several neighbors/ friends in the Rogers Ranch community as well as friends/neighbors outside the community that have demonstrated the true meaning of “Community Support”. While this is something we never expected we truly appreciate all the effort that has gone into this special project. Instead of looking at our side yard as a place where lives were changed, dreams shattered and innocence lost I am hopeful to be able to look at it as a sign of hope. Hope that Ava makes a full recovery, hope that our family can continue to heal and grow together as one unit and hope that there will be a positive message to come from this horrific incident. We are very fortunate to have the support that has been offered since April 23rd.
To all of Ava’s angel’s….thank you again for exceeding our expectations.

The Lopez Family

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