Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vote for Ava's Wish!!!

So many good causes today are in need of good graphic design. And so many designers have a heart for a good cause. Unfortunately, lack of funding often stands between them and the good that they could accomplish together.

Worth Higgins & Associates, Virginia’s largest sheet fed commercial printer, announces Worthwhile: Designers for Good, a competition to bring good design and good causes together for the good of all.

With your support, Ava’s Wish and graphic designer, Diane Hammons, could win this competition. Don’t forget to vote ONCE A DAY!

1. Visit the Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. Facebook page and click "Like" (first time only)
2. Go to http://www.whaworthwhile.com/
3. Click Vote
4. Scroll down to the heading "Out of disaster, a foundation for kids rises" to vote for Ava's Wish

Thanks for your support!

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