Saturday, June 27, 2009

From the Lopez family to YOU - Thank You!

I am writing tonight to express my gratitude towards two very important people. I was picking up my daughter and her friend from an event in our neighborhood and a person approached me. The one and only other time I met face to face with this person was the night that he held my daughters head and neck so that she was able to breathe as adequately as possible after having been plowed down by a drunk driver in my neighborhood. There were two people that arrived immediately to the scene, one being a very amazing woman named Jennifer and another named Scott, the person I speak of above. I almost hesitated writing this letter because there are so many people that I am so appreciative of. However, whenever I think back to the accident, which by the way is on a daily basis, there are several images I can’t get out of my mind and two of them are Jennifer and Scott. Without the help of both Scott and Jennifer I am almost certain we would not be where we are today. Ava would not be where she is today. If I have not done so already I wanted to say Thank You for being where you both were the evening of April 23rd. Thank you for taking part in helping to save my daughter’s life.

I am thankful to everyone for their continued support. My Aunt was able to stay with Ava in the later part of her hospitalization during the evenings so that Manny and I could be home with Jack and Isa. My Mom has been with us since the beginning of June and has been a tremendous help. We have other family members coming back next month which we are thankful for. To all of our friends EVERYWHERE thank you for all of the continued prayers and support. The meals have been much needed and appreciated, the car pooling with Jack and Isa has been so helpful and has enabled them to enjoy some of the fun activities summer has to offer. To the medical community, which includes too many individuals to even begin to name, our deepest appreciation for continued efforts in getting our daughter back to the life she once lived so innocently.

To all of Ava’s angels……thank you and good night!

Fred….the party is getting closer!

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