Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We are thankful

Today was a good day for several reasons. It has been a little over 7 weeks since Isa, Ava and I were hit by a drunk driver in our neighborhood……today is the first time Ava has sat by herself in over 7 weeks. Manny was playing with Ava and the other kids when all of a sudden he was yelling my name. I quickly stopped what I was doing and ran to the room where I saw Ava sitting in front of Manny. While this may not seem as a big deal, to us it was another hurdle that she has had to overcome from this senseless tragedy. Ava is currently in physical therapy 5 times a week, occupational therapy 3 times a week, speech therapy once a week and vision therapy once a week. We have also been blessed with an amazing woman in our neighborhood that has offered to help Ava twice a week with occupational therapy. Rosie has a background in OT and like many other people during this entire process has offered her services to help Ava get back to the little girl that we all love so much. Today I was able to enjoy the time I spent with Isa and Ava at the pool. Something I often have taken for granted, I now cherish. Jack was able to spend time with a friend and came back at the end of the day and seemed revived. I was able to put all three of my children to sleep tonight with smiles on their faces…..for this I am thankful.

Our day started by attending church at Oak Hills. There was a motivational speaker at the church today. Many of you may know of him, Bruce Bowen from the San Antonio Spurs. He had an incredible message that I think is worth mentioning. He said ‘you should never give up even when you are faced with life’s challenges’. I saw a man tell us the story of his life and how he faced all of life’s challenges and because of that has become a loving father, husband and very successful NBA basketball player. This accident has resulted in numerous challenges (too many to even count). Just like he did, we too will face life’s challenges knowing that things will get better. Although Manny will never be an NBA basketball player, our family will have the most important thing life has to offer…each other

We were able to meet Bruce Bowen and share Ava’s story. We left knowing that he was wearing an “All for Ava” bracelet and were just so touched to have another person looking out for her. It is because of all of you that we are where we are today. A far cry from where we were April 23rd. Does this mean that I have forgotten the reason why we are even here to begin with? Absolutely not. I am thankful though that I can hug each one of my children every night and tell them that I love them…..something I never thought would happen again.

Each day will bring a new challenge but with challenge will come change and this is how we will get Ava back one step at a time.

To all of Ava’s angels…..THANK YOU!


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  1. Prayers are always with you Traci, for you and the entire family. I never used to understand the saying "God never gives you more than you can handle", and many a times I thought to myself that he gave me way more credit than he should...but I see your family and all tha you have been through and the hope that is always there, and I realize that God has faith in you to move mountains. You are already doing it! Keep up the great work Ava!