Monday, April 27, 2009

72 hours has come and gone

I just got off the phone with Manny. Firstly, the "72 Hour" mark has come and gone and Ava is weathering the storm. Her intracranial pressures are good, her EEG is good, her vital statistics are good, the doctors are optimistic regarding her recovery. A light appears.The plan will be to remove the intracranial pressure monitor tomorrow, followed by an MRI and start weaning her from the ventilator. She may even have the endotracheal tube removed tomorrow. This is amazing. I had chills when speaking to Manny and knowing how dire things appeared 72 hours ago.Manny commented that if anyone said to him 72 hours ago,"I can put Ava in X condition (where she is right now) or you can take your chances," then he would have said, "DEAL!!" He is very relieved to see her in the condition that she is in at this time, now that the 72 hours has come and gone. The 72 hour mark is typically the time frame that no further swelling should be expected and resolution should begin. This is why it is so uplifting to have her medical situation where it is right now. Please continue to pray for them.Secondly, he wanted me to convey to everyone how greatful their family is to have you all as friends. They have been overcome with the outpouring of prayers, love, and support from all of you. They are sorry that they have not been able to speak to each of you personally, and hope that you understand that their emotional bank has only so much in reserve and that it must be saved for her and them. I told him to shut-up. Not a one of us is offended, and if you are then I am going to beat you myself, and I am bringing with me a few thousand other people, so be prepared (this is where you can have a slight tension-relieving laugh).In sincerity, the Lopez/Southerington family is breathing a sigh of relief and knows that your thoughts and prayers played a role. Please know that you are loved by them and they could not endure such hardship without such a loving foundation of friends.Please continue to pray for a full recovery. All their love, The Lopez Family.fw.

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