Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tough night

Manny just called a few minutes ago. Last night was difficult. Ava's intracranial pressures went up to 26, but didn't stay there. Her intracranial pressure is now around 14. She was having difficulty with being ventilated, but that is also somewhat better, and she is anemic again. They want to get another CT scan but feel that she is too unstable. She now has continuous EEG monitor to look for any worrisome changes in her brain activity.All of us (you) are so appreciated by the Lopez family but they request that you pray for Ava and let them focus on their family today. Please resist the temptation to call or visit. Go to church, pray, let others know to pray, but allow them to focus their energies where they need to be during this critical time.Pray, pray, pray for them. Do not call or visit.Thank you for your love and concern.fw.

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