Monday, April 27, 2009

Awaiting MRI results

I spoke with Manny again this evening. His spirits sound high and he expressed optimism regarding Ava's condition.

As stated earlier the intracranial pressure monitor and EEG were discontinued earlier today. She had an MRI performed this afternoon, but the results will likely not be available until tomorrow.

As we spoke this evening I could hear the joy returning to his voice. He almost laughingly spoke as he described Ava holding on to his finger. This is indeed great news!!

She continues to be sedated secondary to needing to continue on the ventilator. These issues tend to be addressed day by day. The team comes to round in the morning. They discuss the events from the prior evening, most recent labs, vitals signs, current ventilator settings, etc and what the plan will be for the day. Sometimes the prior evening, etc gives them the green light to press forward on weaning certain medications and support, sometimes it results in a pause in therapy. Tomorrow will tell. Again, the most reassuring thing is that the "72 hour" window has come... and gone... Thank God!!

Prayers for Ava's continued healing and full recovery are needed.

Appreciation for being there for the Lopez and Southerington families can not be expressed enough. They feel blessed beyond measure by the kindness and thoughtfulness that has been expressed and displayed by all. I don't think that my keyboard would bear the typing that would be required to describe it all. Suffice it to say that they have been moved to tears by the sadness and joy that has come from such a senseless tragedy.

Continue to pray for Ava and her family. Your friendship will never be forgotten.fw.

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