Sunday, April 26, 2009

Glimpse of Optimism

Ava's intracranial pressure has stayed below 20. Thank you for your prayers. Currently it is around 16. The plan is to remove the intracranial pressure monitor at around 8pm (72 hours after the injury) if her pressures remain less than 20. They will likely do an MRI tomorrow and extubate her after that. Traci asked the doctor whether or not he was optimistic and he replied, "very!" Ava would still have a lot of recovering to do, but her injuries, including the brain issues, should fix themselves in time. Traci stated that this is the most at ease she has felt since this began nearly 72 hours ago. Your prayers are still needed. Please continue to pray for them and respect their need to focus on Ava and not be distracted by our good intentions (i.e. No calls, no visitors).Thank you for your loving concern and prayers for her full recovery.fw.

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