Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please pray for Ava

Manny and Traci are entering a very trying time. Ava's injury occurred just over 48 hours ago and the "72 hour" window still looms over them. This evening Traci called to let us know that Ava's intracranial pressure has increased to 19. The concern for irreversible brain injury is high when the pressure rises above 20. Everyone is obviously very concerned about them, but please allow the Lopez family some time to focus on their family. They are so very moved by the love and affection that people are extending, but feel more stress when they don't feel that they are properly acknowledging your concerns. We are all keeping our distance for the next day or so, but keeping our prayers close to them. Their only need and request at this point is for all of us to pray for Ava. Either Kerri or I or someone will update this as soon as we know something more. This will most likely not come until they call us, because we are keeping our distance too. Please pray for them all, for their lives are one. Manny, Traci, Ava, Jack, Isa please know that you are loved.

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